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First of all, you need to know two things. One is objective, and one is subjective.
One: “Mosquitoland” is the debut novel for David Arnold, this great, great storyteller whose words almost embrace me.
Two: I bought this book because of its cover, which is so retro chic that I couldn’t resist. And, of course, because the book is one of the best years’ writings, considering Amazon, Bustle, Booklist, and Buzzfeed.

A book billed for readers aged 12- 17. And for adults, though

“Mosquitoland”’s (so named Mississippi) central character is Mim Malone, whose parents just got divorced, her father married a waitress, and she is somehow forbidden to see her mother.
Due to that and her beautiful craziness (you will discover why beautiful), she decides to go back to Ohio, to meet her mother. But the right spice comes from the various, iconic characters she will encounter on her journey.

You spend your life roaming the hillsides, scouring the four corners of the earth, searching desperately for just one person to fucking get you. And I’m thinking, if you can find that, you’ve found home.

Even though the book addresses to teenage, nobody could contest the novel is a more profound lesson. David Arnold contours this maverick character, Mim, who is crazy in the most indescribable way. The way she thinks, acts and treats people around her is so intelligent and madly at the same time. I loved her flaws, her “diary letters” written during her trip and also the way she expresses her young love for the people she will meet.

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